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You'd like to know what to offer consumers in the coming years to satisfy their needs best?

We are familiar with our past and several central influences such as:

2001 :  "9/11"  ;  "BSE"  ;  "und das ist (auch) gut so"

2005:  "We are Pope"  ;  "Katrina"  ;  "Grand Coalition"

2009:  "yes, we can"  ;  "Car scrap bonus"  ;  "Swine flu".

2011: "Fukushima"  ;  "Guttenberg"  ;  "Leverage"


You don't know the future?... Neither do we!


But we can work with you to design alternative paths of development based on our knowledge of today and our fantasies of tomorrow. We network intelligence and creativity from numerous sources: your expert teams, innovative consumers, our market and sector know-how and our expert team.


In this way prominent clients have successfully anticipated the products of today working with us yesterday. Let us put our heads together right now and think about the products that people will be talking about in future.