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Strategic consulting

We are the "business consultants with a difference",

as one of our clients liked to repeatedly make a positive point of after a year of working with us.


What makes us different?

  • we form strategies working in a team with the people who have to implement these in the business

  • we take in the internal know-how and integrate it into new strategies

  • we nurture a working climate defined by discussion in the core team

  • we do not come with universal templates, but with open questions

  • we come from markets and stakeholder interests, not from checklists 

  •  we always have our clients' interests in focus and work together in the core team towards this goal.


Our work focuses on the core team, which we moderate and coach, not the desks in our ivory tower offices in Herrengraben, Hamburg.


A framework requirement is to back check core team work results with milestones.


What can we do for you?

  • Sales and marketing concepts
  • Organisation concepts
  • Product / Price portfolios
  • Communication concepts
  • Company positionings.