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It is said that a new product launch is infinitely more difficult today than in the age of the hand axe.

Its usefulness alone gave the hand axe status and relevance. Its aesthetics alone lend it emotion and uniqueness. Today's markets, in contrast, are saturated, all major needs are satisfied, and the consumer has become very discriminating indeed.  

Successful product innovations are still possible, of course. A key to finding these is constant dialogue with consumers in all phases of product development, based on a wide spectrum of expertise, including:


Psychological research. The goal is to discover unmet needs. These do exist! A few years ago, for example, few people believed women like to drink beer. 

Creative idea hunting. In workshops an abundance of new, sometimes quite surprising product ideas are developed. Some of these can be moulded into viable product concepts.

Concept choice and refinement. The ideal product profile (benefits, appearance etc.) is compiled, often in a multi-phase process.  

Reality checks. Test markets are very useful, but awfully expensive! We offer both qualitative and quantitative home-use tests in which selected consumers try out the new product in their real day-to-day life.