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Our Cre-Actives

From pragmatic physicist to inventive construction engineer to analytic trend detective - our Cre-Actives bring fresh wind to every workshop.


Different perspectives can bring new impulses and inspiration to innovation workshops. For this reason Meinecke & Rosengarten have nurtured a pool of curious, innovative lateral-thinkers of different age groups, genders and professional backgrounds. The participants in this pool - we call them Cre-Actives - are summoned to the innovation workshops in line with their skills as required.


Our Cre-Actives open up the thinking space in workshops and by this contribute to creative & effective problem solving.


The Cre-Actives are...

... communicators

... lateral-thinkers

... outside the box thinkers

... team players

... experts in certain areas

... open, curious & keen to experiment