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Employee Loyalty

There were times when a person worked his or her entire life in the service of one single employer. This is no longer so.

A worker nowadays may change employer up to five times from start of career to retirement. Highly qualified employees, in particular, frequently look for new challenges and have no qualms about quitting their jobs if dissatisfied, inadequately stimulated (bore out) or overworked (burn out).


Moreover, in the age of the "War for Talents" it is becoming more and more important for companies to present themselves as attractive employers and, as a consequence, regularly examine how satisfied their employees are and how much they identify with their work and employer.


Employee surveys identify areas where action is needed and help develop short, medium and long-term strategies to ensure that qualified employees are not only happy to stay, but recommend the company in which they work to others, in turn making the company so attractive that management can choose and pick from the best of the best.


Employee surveys can even do a lot more: In a working world characterised by increasing complexity it is imperative to have employees in diverse departments and corporate divisions work together constructively and effectively. Qualitative research approaches tailored to the respective business context help realise this goal.