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Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are vital factors for long-term survival in the market.

Competition flourishes and potential customers have a very easy task when comparing offers: Blogs, forums and search engines are the first stops for customers when gathering information before entering the point of sale, wherever this is in the real v. virtual or analogue v. digital world.


Measuring a company's success by the number of new customers it attracts, however, can be a fatal misinterpretation. For is the true goal not to have a customer who is loyal to the brand and its products over time


Four facets of customer loyalty are central. These we illuminate and evaluate for you both qualitatively and quantitatively:


  1. Customer satisfaction.  Satisfaction is just so individual and very close to one's personal perceptions of happiness that it requires an extremely subtle, differentiated and sensitive analysis. 
    Satisfaction is defined via assessment of contacts with supplier and product, which we call 'touchpoints'.
  2. Trust. Defined by reliability and integrity.
  3. Costs of change. Perceived effort / time / money involved in changing supplier.
  4. Attractiveness of alternatives. Awareness of whether and to what extent relevant alternative suppliers exist.