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The brand lives in the hearts and minds of its consumers.

It is not enough to put a Euro or Dollar price tag on the value of a brand. We need to know what the essence of a brand is, what is at its core. A brand is not what is written on a sheet of paper. Nor is it what we see in TV commercials.

A brand's real place in the heart becomes evident through characteristics perceived by consumers in the course of their daily lives. And as with any personality, such characteristics are based primarily on instinctive, embedded perceptions and valuations.

To discover and investigate these precisely requires a special set of intuitive and projective methods. We possess these methods and apply them successfully for our clients.


The laws of seduction


Our experience tells us: The appeal of a brand is dependent on four factors:

  • Fascination. Even in times of falling (brand) loyalty, (brand) personality is still what attracts people. An attractive brand fills consumers with feeling and emotion. It evokes a multitude of associations and images - not always to everyone's liking, but at least everyone can make something of them
  • Individuality. A successful brand is distinctive. The uniqueness of its positioning is determined by the clarity of its promise in the form of a product benefit or feeling it evokes. In the best cases a brand gives its followers an identity.
  • Presence. An appealing brand attracts attention and engages the senses. It stays interesting and surprises, works against alienation. A really fascinating brand sets visions rather than chase trends. Brands change the world by creating new worlds.
  • Reliability. The most important thing for a brand is to stay true to itself, no matter how many changes it may endure. Every brand has a historically evolved core that provides orientation in an increasingly complex world and provides energy that illuminates the emotions and radiates the brand?s individuality in all its facets.