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Workshops & Customer Conferences

Workshops are laboratories for generating ideas.

"Let thoughts circulate"

"Make the cow fly"

"Watch the clouds whilst flying"

"Open discussion".


We gather people around us to interact with them and bring the subconscious out into the open, producing a maximum of new perspectives and ideas. To get the best out of a workshop demands not only a broad repertoire of moderating techniques, but also an engaging and respectful moderation.


Workshops with interdisciplinary teams / experts help in the development of marketing strategies, with the method not only moving the content on, but also facilitating a rare meeting between all important servants, administrators and protectors of a brand.


A special workshop version is the B2B customer conference for which our clients invite 10-12 of their B2B customers or market partners to a half or full day session aimed at investigating their expectations and needs in great detail.


Moreover: B2B-Customer conferences are also an instrument to establish loyalty, also due to a dinner enjoyed by all on conclusion of the session.