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Quantitative Research (Offline)

Quantitative Methoden

Qualitative methods reveal phenomena and interrelationships... Quantitative methods return statistically representative results with respect to these phenomena and interrelationships, especially in combination with multivariant statistical methods.


The research content determines choice of quantitative method and analysis:

  • Do you "only" want to ask questions or would you also like to have "material" evaluated?
  • Do you need a local or regional focus?
  • Is it important for you to know whether women in Bavaria aged between 30 and 35 have a different opinion than men aged 40 to 45 years in Saarland?
  • Do you require a lifestyle segmentation of your potential clients?


We have a variety of data-collection methods at our disposal:

  • Face-to-Face-Interviews (at home / in research facility)
  • CAPI (Computer-aided personal interviews)
  • CATI (Computer-aided telephone interviews)
  • Online surveys
  • Smartphone surveys.


As required, we pick from the normal range of multivariance statististic evaluation methods; we calculate market models, conjoint or penalty-reward analyses; we use structure-testing and structure-finding multivariance techniques (e.g. factor and cluster analyses or multidimensional scaling).


We also offer you our own "M & R Seismograph" or "M & R Loyalty Meter".