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Qualitative Research in the Studio

Qualitative studio research

Many qualitative questions can be answered economically using established research methods. An important question is how many consumers can be interviewed and observed at the same time.

  • In-depth psychological explorations are recommended for all research topics in which the authenticity of consumer responses are at risk from the presence of other consumers. Talking about 'embarrassing' subjects such as moist toilet paper would be an example. Or if simple comprehension of an idea is of central importance.
  • Focus group discussions (4-10 consumers) are - in spite of much criticism - a good option by which qualified moderation can quickly generate a rich spectrum of opinion and perception.
  • Triad depths (2 consumers) offer a compromise between the intimacy of a one-on-one interview and the dynamism of groups. In some instances it can even make sense to talk to two friends.


Focus groups or one-on-one interviews aren't about asking questions.


Creative or playful techniques can also be deployed within a framework of established research approaches. These create an atmosphere of dynamism, attentiveness and interactive inspiration.
A risk with established approaches is a verbal fixation that limits the release of emotions and fuels excessive rationalisation. Emotions can be stimulated by offering respondents different forms of expression (e.g. through narrative, drawing, gesticulation).
Some techniques:

  • Archetypical Immersion
  • Cartoons
  • Consumer Shoes
  • Fantasy Drawings
  • Home Stories / Art & Crafts
  • Mapping
  • M & R Emo Vision
  • M & R Photo Choice
  • Multiple Me