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Qualitative Online Research

Qualitative research in digital dialog with consumers

Talking to arctic explorers about space, visiting consumers with an acute cold at home and chatting intensively with men about their pedicure in online communities ? our digital approach enables to take part in the consumers' lives easily, fast and dynamically and furthermore, provides degrees of freedom in terms of time and place.


Based on our experiences with qualitative online research we know that

  • by means of smart phone, tablet & co. behaviours can be observed in real time at the point of interest, touch points identified and customer journeys accompanied

  • digital approaches can support a fast and deep insight generation as well as ideation processes

  • the complex digital world comes along with challenges: it needs an eye for the essential, the courage to condense and an empathetic moderation to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.


We offer

  • a user friendly online platform for online-diaries, blogs, market research online communities (MROC), discussion forums

  • mobile solutions

  • video sessions.


Download exemplary output.