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Qualitative Explorations on Site (B2B)

Work and private life are two worlds apart.

No board member, managing director or purchasing manager wants the feeling of speaking to a standard interviewer. They want to speak with a person familiar with their market, someone who understands their particular 'language'. Your B2B customer wants to be taken seriously in his role as a businessperson and decision-maker in working life. Research methods and tools must therefore be chosen accordingly. 


Visiting target persons at their place of work underlines their relevance and flatters their ego as a valued individual worthy of more than a telephone call or invitation to be interviewed online. This dialogue itself in fact is a measure of customer loyalty, since the customer feels approached specifically for advice and input aimed at improving your quality of service for the mutual benefit.


B2B is generally not about the quick truth but a way to gain an insight into practices and attitudes in a very complex relationship. 


This being so, we have identified 15 customer loyalty factors in B2B business. True, some of these are more important than others, though none can be disregarded.


We offer you the identity of an external partner and research analyst. This is advantageous to you by ensuring that no content from fieldwork to analysis to strategic recommendations is lost through a change of person in the research process.