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Ethnographical Methods (B2C)

Ethnography is a journey into the consumer's world.

Ethnographic methods enable a comprehensive, authentic and visual understanding of real situations of living and consumption. Researchers and clients have the opportunity to immerse themselves in processes which determine the consumer actions, thoughts and feelings.


Ethnographic surveys often reveal a discrepancy between presumed and actual consumer behaviour. For example, only few consumers truthfully reveal the amount of sweets and confectionery they eat - but a glance into their pantries can tell a different story, as also a bowl of chocolate pralines on the living room table.  


We accompany people from your target group in their homes, at their work, where they shop, on their way to work by car or on foot or by train. In this way our researchers can see modes of behaviour that are not so obvious when research takes place in the studio.


However, an extended home visit is just one of our many ethnographic tools. Shopping trips or safaris in which the consumer is accompanied to a number of locations over several hours may in certain cases seem more appropriate. Sometimes we photograph what we witness, sometimes we make a movie. And sometimes the client comes along as well for a first-hand insight into their consumer behaviour.