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Personal Care

Why is a visit to the plastic surgeon in Brazil no different from that to a hairdresser? What do young men worry about before their first shave? How does the shape of a shampoo bottle affect a brand's success?

Personal care is a varied and dynamic market requiring a deep psychological appreciation of consumer needs in consideration of cultural and social peculiarities.


We investigate all questions in everyday and also very sensitive subject areas with the relevant target groups. This could take the form of an in-depth psychological face-to-face interview on moist toilet paper; or we may talking to a group of youths in the middle of puberty addressing issues they could find embarrassing; or throwing an ethnographic glance into a bathroom cabinet in the home of a target group representative.


We could even be debating with computer-savvy silver agers in an online forum. But whatever target group we research for you, we do it with respect and tactfulness. So that you get the answers you need for the important decisions you have to make.


Taking an intensive look at brands and usage motives helps us discover gaps that can be processed (either via communication or personal dialogue) to make brands more relevant to the potential customer.


Aside from numerous primary studies we conduct in this area, the internal M&R 'Prisma -Team' always has an eye on national and international market developments to identify micro trends and use these as a base for inspiration.