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Mobility & Tourism

There's more movement in the mobility and tourism sectors than in other areas - as one might expect.

Mobility is a central service, which makes this market react most sensitively to the way our lives accelerate. On the other hand, our demands on transport efficiency grow to the same extent as technical innovation creates the conditions for it. Highly accelerated mobility customers are themselves under great pressure of efficiency and expect highly optimised, reliable and flexible processes in a price-sensitive market.


In a more straightforward but no less demanding manner, the consumer develops tourism services that reflect clear changes in needs: the closer the global village, the easier to venture on a holiday that 10 years ago would have been a great adventure.


The shifting nature of demands follows alteration in personal lifestyles. Vacation is taken much more frequently. Supply follows demand, as shown by the type of holiday prefix: "Hiking" (holiday), "Wellness", "Adventure", "Weekend", "Golf", "Sailing", "Cruise", etc.


Yet despite all these dynamics, there are constant truths: e.g. that the journey can be the destination.


We help tour operators and hotel companies, travel agencies and institutions acquire salient knowledge of the complexity of changing consumer demands and allow them to generate successful offers.