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Food & Beverages

No market for FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is so innovative as that for foods and beverages.

Consumers have an almost insatiable appetite for variety. That should really be no wonder, as diverse nutrition is a proven way to guarantee survival: breite Nährstoff-Versorgung, Krisensicherheit, regionale Mobilität sind die Gründe dafür


Few FMCG markets exert the same degree of social pressure on consumers as food and beverages. It therefore becomes both a stage for dramatic inner and outer conflict, and a colourful playing field for exuberant joie de vivre.


Psychic phenomena such as insecurity, social undesirability and external attribution are particularly commonplace here and need researching if marketing recommendations are to deliver success.


Since the company was founded we have been working for clients in this segment and have acquired vast experience in markets for ice cream, soft drinks and mineral water, margarine, dairy products, chocolate, edible oil and frozen food. We are also well acquainted with coffee, beer, aperitifs & digestifs.