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"Everything starts with trust" (Deutsche Bank advertising slogan from 1996) - but where has it gone and what orientation do we have for a trusted brand?

Trusted brand status is the highest positioning goal. It is of immense importance in brand building specifically in the financial services sector: Skilfully built up trust is a financial brand's biggest capital. On the other hand, to lose trust is one of the greatest dangers, potentially having consequences beyond the single company and threatening the entire financial system.


We support brand building:

  • We research your brand's status quo and define future potentials for relevant differentiation in the competitive field.


We develop client strategies in all distribution target groups:

  • We structure needs and the degree of satisfaction and loyalty in your target groups from private customers in retail and private banking to business and corporate clients.
  • In doing so we also recommend a glance at competitors to assess how attractive their customers find alternative suppliers and how high they estimate their emotional and rational costs of change.


Our specific competences:

  • Methodological and contextual  coverage of all stakeholder groups
  • Highly qualified staff from diverse, complementary scientific perspectives, including business academics with vocational education and practical experience in the financial service sector.