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Fashion & Style

Fashion, Karl Lagerfeld once said, is like music. Everyone has to play his own tune.

We can see what trends designers come up with by looking at the stocks in reputable fashion stores - or in the modern fashion chain outlets. Even if consumers shop differently, they still find their own tune to play in the end.


Brands are an expression of a consumer's personality and style. It is therefore important that we understand your target group and its needs ? because your customers' needs are not only a factor of value for money and chosen style.


We research into how you customers perceive your brand in relation to competitors and also what they think of your brand's positioning and image. We discover what distribution channels are most suitable for your brand and where further market potential can be found.


We undertake ethnographic research, look quite literally over your customers' shoulders and take, for instance, a peek into their refrigerators. We accompany them on a shopping trip and learn about their purchase motivations and attitudes toward rival brands, which would not come to light in a simple qualitative interview.