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Energy Economics

Energy provision was yesterday - today we talk about energy service providers.

Since liberalisation the energy market has been in a state of continuous change. Recent years have been characterised by company mergers, new start-ups and paradigm shifts.


Buzzwords like intelligent energy / swarm power / smart metering / energy efficiency / decentralised electricity generation / climate protection and energy service guidelines characterise the debate and illustrate that the sale of electricity or gas as commodities can now only be viewed as a secondary aspect.


Whilst several years ago an energy product was the only item offered, now the energy company offering must be placed on the market with due consideration of target group and usage patterns.


It is becoming increasingly clear that the relationship between value and price is decided by how loyal the customer remains and in the end it is the quality of touchpoints that entices or deters the customer.


Since our company was founded we have worked for energy companies operating at local, regional and national levels national and accompanied them through many changes that have taken place over the past two decades, supporting them throughout with qualified market research and strategic, research-based consultancy services.


In our research we have integrated all stakeholder groups and over the years have learned that nothing is as constant as change. This goes both for stakeholder expectations in the energy companies and the methods and instruments that help us answer the questions asked by our clients.