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Children & Youths

What do children and youths want?

What's on their minds? What do they really want? And what are they looking for in products, communication and lifestyle?


Finding answers to these questions for the target Groups Kids and teenagers is not always easy. Even parents often do not understand the motives and value system of children and youths.


Children and youths live in their own world with its own laws and a tendency to change rapidly. This makes it possible to ask a child the same question three times and get three different answers. And sometimes, at the onset of puberty, for example, you could be lucky to get an answer at all.


Market research with Kids and youths is a key activity of Unit 4 at Meinecke & Rosengarten. We are specialised in talking to children, youths and young adults so that we can understand what they say in all its depths and facets. We know how to build bridges in their worlds in order to gain genuine insights into how they think and feel. We know how to analyse responses relative to Age and how to Interpret the different reactions of Boys and girls in order to derive clear recommendations for our clients to act on.


Reaching the hearts of these young individuals calls for a good education, but not just of the academic variety, which we presuppose anyway. Our specialist team consists of people familiar with dealing with children and youths, with some having extra professional qualifications as child, youth and family therapists.


Whoever researches children's motives and desires must involve the mother. Often the mothers' expectations of themselves and the expectations of the environment on the mothers are extremely high.


Sometimes they are only partly aware of the complex mass of thoughts, feelings and desires. So much would remain not thought of and unmentioned,

were they not reached by the right questions?


But also the target groups grandparents, godparents and other relatives play an important role in the kids' and teenagers' life ? they want to give gifts to babies and toddlers and fulfil the wishes of older kids and teenagers.  

We understand how complex children, youths and their parents and families are and go about qualitative research with them in a very sensitive manner to achieve the optimum for the client.