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Marketing researcher & consultant

Meinecke & Rosengarten was founded in 1992 to help clients develop successful marketing strategies.
We conduct qualitative and quantitative market research surveys and integrate consulting  based on experience and market conditions.  
That is why we call ourselves a "Team for research-based marketing consultancy"


Our work is based on four principles:

  • Team: Diverse opinions, flexible perspectives, range of academic backgrounds. We don't believe in the romantic, very German perception of the lone genius developing brilliant ideas in quiet solitude. We thrive on conflict, but keep it friendly.
  • Research-based: Beingempiricists means having a passion for reality. The French philosopher Paul Valery describes this as 'what can occur in endless perspectives, combinations and actions; in a word, potential infinity'. The complexity of markets makes successful marketing no easy task. But understanding their complexities can be huge fun.
  • Marketing consultancy: The word market research reminds too much of people with clipboards in shopping malls. Moreover, many market researchers are content with a superficial description of markets. We see ourselves as consultants who work closely with our clients to provide solutions.
  • Strategic Consulting: With our clients and their staff we conduct strategic projects. A central  factor in this is to combine client know-how with our theoretical and market expertise. We aim for dialogue to enable development of optimal concepts and strategies.